The benefits of nature

The balance of the anions, together with tourmaline reactivation, means Ionizzed products can help you to:

· Clear your mind
· Reduce anxiety
· Relax
· Recuperate physically and mentally
· Filter the air of bacteria, smoke, pollen and dust
· Clean the environment of mitess
· Improve sleep quality
· Stimulate cell yield and regeneration
· Improve circulatory processes
· Increase your body’s energy

Rest and ionization

Numerous scientific studies discuss the different benefits that the incidence of anions provides the body. One of the most famous, led by Doctors Michael Terman and Jiuan Su Terman of Columbia University, concludes that anions promote alpha brain waves and increase their amplitude, leading to a higher level of consciousness. When extrapolated to rest, this means anions create a calming effect and help produce sleep more quickly, specifically in the REM stage.

Thanks to the improved sleep quality, we can automatically improve the relaxation process, which encourages the repair of our cells, strengthening the immune system and sharpening our mental functions.

Now also with the benefits of tourmaline

More than half the energy produced by the human body is lost in heat emission. Thanks to its infrared radiation, tourmaline has the ability to return that energy to our body, so you can recharge while you sleep.

Far infrared increases its capacity to interact with living organisms through water. This means it is highly bioactive with the human body, whish is 75% water. Therefore, infrared radiation can penetrate our skin up to 4 centimeters, reactivating our cells and tissues.

In addition, far infrared is particularly suitable for use in fabrics related to rest, as clinical research has shown that it helps induce asleep faster, even in cases of insomnia.

An injection of happiness

The study of the effect of anions on mood has also shown its positive influence on levels of serotonin, a hormone produced in the brain that is responsible for the ‘feeling of happiness’. This helps prevent anxiety, fear, insomnia or fatigue, caused when serotonin levels in the brain are low.