Ionizzed, now with tourmaline

In its continued commitment to innovation and development, the ESCI has improved its Ionizzed rest products by incorporating tourmaline microcapsules released by friction between body the fabrics. These microcapsules combine with the anions to increase their benefits.

What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is the only natural mineral capable of permanently generating electricity. Its radiation has a wave frequency in far infrared range, a bioactive form of energy that acts on human tissue by stimulating cells, without needing contact with the skin.


A natural energy source

Far infrared is a subdivision of the magnetic spectrum which, because of its wavelength, is outside the visible spectrum. It is a natural form of radiation to which has been attributed numerous benefits for the body due to its ability to penetrate the skin by stimulating tissues and cells. Infrared radiation has been used for years in hospitals for different therapeutic treatments. Now, thanks to the research has made their inclusion fabric fibers possible, you can also enjoy its benefits while you sleep.